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Firmware Releases

Firmware is essential software contained in a hardware product, such as the Resoundant Active Driver. Keeping firmware up-to-date is an important life-cycle task to ensure your products continue running at their best, while keeping your device and network safe and secure. Resoundant always provides firmware updates free of charge.

Please review our Firmware Update Instructions for more information.

Firmware downgrades are not supported.  In most situations, attempting to downgrade firmware will render the active driver unusable, and will have to be returned to the factory for service.

To complete a firmware update, you will need:
1) A laptop running Windows 10 or Windows 11, with an ethernet connection and cable.
2) Download the zip file containing the update tool, firmware, and instructions.

Note: during the update, you may have to disable WiFi or any connection to the internet, so be sure to download these tools before disconnecting!

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