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The most advanced liver report ever.
Measure what matters.

Using standardized quantitative fat fraction/iron assessment packages (including IDEAL/IQ from GE, mDixon Quant from Philips, Liver Lab from Siemens) and MR Elastography from Resoundant for liver fibrosis assessment, Hepatogramplus+ is designed to be a rapid, comprehensive snapshot of the most clinically actionable parameters.  

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that can impact management of fibrosis, steatosis, & iron overload



average exam time.*


CPT® code for MRE exams

* Average intra-service exam time, though PDFF and MRE can be acquired in as little as 3 breath holds.

Reduce variability.
MREplus+ facilitates the Radiology workflow by generating preliminary automated regions of interest (ROI) that can be reviewed, modified and quickly accepted by the analyst. This improved and quantitative workflow can greatly reduce inter-reader variability and exam time/costs.
Supports insightful reporting.

MREplus+ automatically generates an intuitive summary of the analysis, with images showing ROIs and tabulated values for any combination of liver stiffness, proton density fat fraction, and T2* data.  The summary of the analysis is designed to be suitable for sharing with referring physicians along with the radiologic report.

Hepatogramplus+ enables an efficient workflow with fast and consistent analysis, helping Radiologists provide patients and their physicians with important information about liver health.

Hepatogramplus+ is FDA-cleared and available on GE systems today.

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