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Our Goal: Deliver Resounding Patient Care

At Resoundant, we believe that advances in medical imaging have the potential to radically change the game for patients around the world. Our mission is to identify, explore, develop, and validate high–impact applications of a new MRI–based diagnostic imaging technology for quantitatively assessing the mechanical properties of tissues.


We call this technique

 Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE).


MRE is a revolutionary imaging tool with the capability to noninvasively "palpate by imaging" regions of the body that are beyond the reach of the physician’s hand.  MRE is currently widely available for diagnosing liver fibrosis, a potentially serious complication that can result from conditions such as fatty liver disease, and chronic viral hepatitis.  MRE helps patients and providers address diagnosis and monitoring liver diseases with a major global health burden.  MRE is also a promising tool for detecting and helping plan treatment of tumors in many parts of the body and new highly-sensitive quantitative imaging biomarkers for characterizing tissue properties.

Invented by

Resoundant is based in Rochester, MN and was founded by Mayo Clinic to share this medical advance with the world.  The technology, invented by dedicated Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers, exemplifies the mission of Mayo Clinic to advance medical knowledge and innovation.  The main MRE research program at Mayo Clinic, led by Mayo Clinic Radiologist Richard Ehman, MD, has had continuous research funding from the National Institutes of Health since 1995.

Imaging science has profoundly transformed the practice of medicine.

The unique multidisciplinary teamwork of physicians, scientists, and engineers that created these advances will continue to contribute to improved patient care all over the globe.”

Richard L. Ehman, MD

Mayo Clinic Radiologist, Scientist

Resoundant CEO

Strategic Collaborators

Resoundant, Inc. is proud to collaborate with leading imaging manufacturers to make MRE available around the world.

For more information on where to purchase MR Elastography, please visit the MR Elastography pages from our partners below:

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