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Confidence through Automation

With liver segmentation, artifact detection, ROI construction, post-processing, and report generation, Hepatogram+ will automatically conduct MRE and PDFF analysis with the accuracy of expert analysts from Mayo Clinic.


Hepatogram+ works with standardized quantitative fat fraction/iron assessment packages (including IDEAL/IQ from GE, mDixon Quant from Philips, Liver Lab from Siemens) and MR Elastography from Resoundant.




that can impact management of fibrosis, steatosis, & R2*



average exam time.


CPT® code for Hepatogram+ exams*

* New Category III CPT code for quantitative multiparametric MRI, data transmission, and report generation

The most important liver parameters

 Hepatogram+ is designed to be a rapid, comprehensive snapshot of the most clinically actionable parameters.  

Liver Stiffness (MRE)

2.84 kPa

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.37.46 PM.png

Liver Fat (PDFF)


Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.37.52 PM.png

Liver R2*

46 1/s

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.37.57 PM.png
Insightful reporting

Automatically generate an intuitive summary of the analysis, with images for liver stiffness (MRE), proton density fat fraction (PDFF), and T2* data. The summary of the analysis is designed to be suitable for sharing with referring physicians along with the radiologic report.

Hepatogram+ enables an efficient workflow with fast and consistent analysis, helping Radiologists provide patients and their physicians with important information about liver health.

Hepatogram+ is FDA-cleared and available on GE systems today.

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