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Resoundant Launches MRE:connect

Rochester, MN, USA ­­— Resoundant, Inc. is pleased to introduce MRE:connect, an online directory of leading radiology and imaging centers around the U.S. that offer MR Elastography for liver fibrosis staging. MR Elastography is a non-invasive and highly accurate alternative to needle biopsy for staging liver fibrosis assessment. “MRE:connect was created in response to an increasing number of inquiries, predominantly from the patient community, asking where they can schedule an MRE exam,” said Resoundant Chief Operating Officer, Troy Ziegler. "We felt it was important to help people find this technology." The number of MRE-ready locations continues to grow at a high rate, and MRE:connect currently lists over 250 unique locations in the U.S. There are plans to eventually extend MRE:connect globally.

In the case of Hepatitis C and its prevalence in the U.S., the installation base for MRE appears sufficiently robust to help tackle the epidemic. Altogether, MRE is available in 38 states, covering 91% of all HCV patients. MRE is also located in all 10 States with the greatest prevalence of HCV infections (>100,000 patients), with an average of 18 locations in those high-prevalence States.

“Because leading Radiology practices have stepped up in making this technology accessible to patients, we estimate that roughly 95% of HCV patients in the U.S. live within a one hour drive of an MRE-ready imaging center,” noted Ziegler. “We are optimistic that MRE’s high level of sensitivity can help enable earlier direct acting antiviral (DAA) therapies, and it may be possible that greater use of MRE can deliver better care at a significantly lower cost.”

Just about one-third of the locations have site-approved contact information. MRE:connect users can email Resoundant where location information is still awaiting approval.

Unlisted Radiology and imaging centers that offer MRE are welcome to be included in MRE:connect by registering at

MRE:connect can be found at

About Resoundant, Inc.

Resoundant, Inc is a medical technology company dedicated to improving patient care and diagnosis accuracy by making Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) available around the world. We are based in Rochester, MN and were founded by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research, Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers.

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