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Statement from Resoundant CEO Richard Ehman, MD on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Rochester, MN, USA— The COVID-19 pandemic is creating extraordinary challenges for our families, healthcare systems, and society as a whole. Our thoughts are with the communities impacted by the outbreak as well as the healthcare professionals working around the clock to help those most in need. Status of Resoundant Operations As a critical business in the healthcare and medical technology sector, Resoundant remains open and fully operational. Global demand for MR Elastography technology continues and Resoundant is working hard to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. As this crisis continues to unfold, our team remains focused on ensuring business continuity, employee safety, and sup

MRE predicts early HCC recurrence after treatment

Key Points • Liver parenchymal stiffness measured by MRE predicts early recurrence of treated HCC under Milan criteria. • A liver stiffness > 5.5 kPa was associated with worse recurrence-free survival. • Patients with high pre-treatment LS may benefit from stringent follow-up. Abstract Objectives Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is a non-invasive tool for measuring liver stiffness (LS) with high diagnostic accuracy. This study investigated whether quantified LS by MRE could predict early recurrence of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) within the Milan criteria. Methods A prospectively collected cohort, which included the HCC patients who underwent MRE before treatment (an H

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